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Sustainable Job Function Email List Benefits

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2022 1:02 pm
by delwar70
Effectiveness" also includes the meaning of efficiency. But it also includes the meaning of "effect" and effectiveness". From the above fables. You should also already understand that. The goal Job Function Email List of "efficiency" thinking is sustainable growth. Rather than blindly pursuing efficiency in the short term to "kill the chicken and get the eggs" and "deplete the pool to fish". Efficiency: Emphasis on the tactical level. Focusing on doing things more efficiently, and focusing more. On efficiency improvement and "output" at the quantitative Job Function Email List level. Efficiency: Standing at a higher strategic level. Starting from the ultimate goal. Comprehensively considering the combination of quantitative and qualitative.

So as to do things correctly and efficiently. Pay more attention to the balance between. Output" and "capacity", and focus on the quality of development. And growth , the pursuit of more long-term sustainable Job Function Email List benefits. According to this, we can summarize. A "efficiency" expression: The reason why the "x" is used instead. Of the "+" sign here refers to the "chemical reaction. Between efficiency and the ultimate goal. Rather than the "physical reaction" that is simply added. Efficiency without Job Function Email List the ultimate goal is equivalent to useless effort. Only when the ultimate goal is clear. Can the improvement of efficiency be targeted.


Only when the ultimate goal is clear can we take. A longer-term view and pay more attention to sustainable "capacity" and the quality of growth. In fact, whether it is as small as a person or a product. Or as Job Function Email List large as an industry or a country, the principles of development and growth are the same. For example, the proposal of the development concept of "lucid waters and lush. Mountains are invaluable Job Function Email List assets" and the implementation of the strategy of "rejuvenating. The country through science and technology. From "housing, not speculating" to the science and technology.